I Sali della Vita: to born every day from water to air


The Barchemicals Laboratories have created “I SALI DELLA VITA Mg, K, I“, mixture of minerals based on Magnesium (Mg), Potassium (K), Iodine (I) and trace elements with high biological activity.

Mg, K and I are elements whose beneficial properties have been known since ancient times.
Salts of Life, dissolved in the water of swimming pools and spas reproduce the healthful qualities of the thermal waters of alkaline magnesium.

The special formulation of salts of Life is in Liquid form in granular form (START) avoids the drawbacks due to the difficulty of dissolution of solid salts and facilitates its use.
The Delbet, known for its disinfectant solution and regenerating ability of biological tissues, corresponds to a solution of 30 g / l of salts of Life MgKI liquid.


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