Bio Swimming Pool and Bio Lake

General Catalog of specific products for Bio Swimming Pool and Bio Lake

Over the last few years, people’s desire to integrate with nature has increased the request for water bodies where it is possible to swim in a natural eco-system that integrates perfectly with the surrounding environment and has thus increased the demand for non-traditional “swimming pools” known as BIO SWIMMING POOLS. These are often confused with the domestic ornamental pond.

BARCHEMICALS laboratories have created a series of “CHEMICALLY NATURAL” products and a range of puri cation technology which, while still respecting NATURE make it easy even for non-experts to look after the water in a BIO SWIMMING POOL or a BIO LAKE FOR SWIMMING IN guaranteeing the health of the swimmers using it and simultaneously guaranteeing a CLEAR, CRYSTALLINE and HEALTHY water with maximum respect for nature and the aquatic plants and fauna.

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