The Company

For 30 years, solutions and innovations to water service


Barchemicals is the parent company; it manufactures chemical products for the treatment and conditioning of every kind of water. Its thirty year experience is condensed into 4 product ranges: Swimming pools, Cleansers, Ti line and the revolutionary Line of “I Sali della Vita®”. Thanks to an innovative and efficient productive system, it designs and manufactures exclusively high quality, reliable chemical specialities. These strictly “Made in Italy” products meet stringent quality criteria and are developed along a strict course of research and safety tests.

The Barchemicals Brochure is aimed at the most qualified key figures in the Water Treatment Industry and Management Companies of Professional Swimming Pools, and represents a “summa” of synergies put together to fully meet the needs of its highly qualified and demanding clientèle.
Their constant focus on Research and Development activities has permitted the development of innovative products that are introduced in the specific chapters:

  • The “I Sali della Vita”, Water Treatment Line that introduces a new, revolutionary philosophy on the management of swimming pools and SPAs, linking beauty to health, well-being to safety and exceptional versatility that reduces environmental impact
  • The No-Chlor Line dedicated to alternative biocides
  • The Biopharma Line for the management of the level of criticality of Legionella Pneumophila
  • Section dedicated to cleansing products and in particular to nanotechnology

This vision arises from the answer to a simple question: what does today’s consumer want? Quality, service, promptness, design, efficiency, innovation and the right quality/price ratio; all this while focusing principally on the safety of those managing and using the swimming pools, in the various forms imposed by the market.
Barchemicals Group aims to meet these needs and launch innovative novelties to develop a new culture of Safety and “Well being”, highlighting and enhancing all the strong points matured by the Group


The products – made strictly in Italy – comply with stringent quality standards and are developed by means of a very precise research process contemplating a number of safety tests. The innovative production line and large storage areas translate into fast deliveries.
The Barchemicals line of products is completed by two major brands: PROGETTO ACQUA and SWIM COMPANY.

PROGETTO ACQUA is a test lab set up to cater to the research and control requirements of the companies belonging to the Barchemicals Group and its customers.
The laboratory performs 3 main activities:

– research and analysis on chemical products for water treatment and disinfection;
– certified chemical-physical and bacteriological tests on drinking water, swimming-pool water, wastewaters, water for recreational use and similar required matrices;
– raw material and internal production quality control.

SWIM COMPANY provides a broad range of accessories for swimming, aqua fitness, rehabilitation hydrotherapy and all water-related activities and sports. Special focus is placed on product quality and safety and the company is particularly innovation-oriented.

Quality System

The safety and quality policy pursued by Barchemicals has resulted in the adoption of a Quality and Environment Management System.

The design and implementation of the quality and environment management system of an organisation are affected by a range of different requirements, from continuous upgrading objectives to type of products/services supplied, processes used, and size and type of organisation and involve parties inside and outside the organisation such as employees, suppliers and customers.
The Barchemicals Srl Quality and Environment Management System (SGQA) intends achieving the following objectives:

  • To regularly supply products/services able to cater to the requirements of customers and applicable binding requirements;
  • To increase customer satisfaction and perceived quality by means of the successful application of the management system, including processes for the continuous upgrading of the system and assurance of compliance with customer and applicable binding requirements;
  • To manage product manufacturing, packaging and transport processes, while reducing environmental impact to the utmost.




The Environment Management System is essentially tied to reducing the impacts of the production process.
Of crucial importance is the attention given to the packaging and transport of chemical products with the priority goal of avoiding or reducing to the utmost any accidental product spills. Strategies have also been implemented which are useful for cutting atmospheric emissions, controlling wastewaters and eliminating olfactory emissions.


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