Barchemicals Service

Proximity to the customer, flexibility and technical competence

  • FOR CUSTOMERS: the advantage of being followed step by step, from cause to solution.
  • FOR RETAILERS:  the certainty of being part of a highly professional team you can rely on, always.


The qualified service for the restoration and replacement of control, monitoring and dosing systems for water treatment.

Specific for:

  • Energy saving colorimetric electronic control units.
  • Dilution and dosing systems with high safety indexes.
worker in protective suit tablet controlServizi Barchemicals,
scientist laboratory research


The chemical-physical and bacteriological analysis service of water carried out by our laboratory.

In addition to the premise of each intervention, a secure system for monitoring the results achieved and maintaining them over time.


  • Plant engineering consultancy.
  • Design of new plants.
  • Modernization and improvement of existing plants.

direct support you can count on for any water treatment issue.

Another activity carried out by the qualified personnel of the Barchemicals laboratory.

corporate training - individuals


  • More professionalism for the dealer network.
  • Greater water control for customers.

Everything you need to know about water management and equipment operation.

A handover between us and you on Barchemicals technical competence, know-how and method.

  • For resellers

    On-site basic training courses.

    Indispensable basic notions on the chemistry and physics of water treatment and periodic update on the applied regulations.

    Four courses a year for eight hours each, supervised by our chemists and installers.

    On-site training courses, targeted on the single sector

    For each sector, specific training aimed at accrediting the reseller.

  • For the customers

    A service modeled on your specific application needs. Also available on request.

    Directed to:

    • Pool managers.
    • Accommodation facility managers.
    • Aqueduct maintenance managers.
    • Spa managers.
    • RSA technicians.
    • Responsible for water quality in the agricultural and food sectors (RSPP).


Born for legionella, then extended to swimming facilities and aqueducts. Today it is declined on all areas of application.

Another service performed internally, without resorting to other specialized companies.


To use our equipment without buying it. Even those dedicated to legionella or medical treatment for breeding.

A modular service based on the customer's needs.