The Group

Barchemicals. Engineering. Biopharma. Alpha Aqua.

The Perfect Formula

The Barchemicals Group represents a fast-expanding Italian concern consisting of 6 operating companies and 2 real-estate firms which share projects, outlooks and values. It operates in the sector of primary, drinking and swimming-pool water treatment, both in Italy and abroad, and is able to address every type of management problem, with special focus on the sector of water disinfection and treatment, environment disinfection and sanitizing, dosing and automation control systems.

The group operates in various segments thanks to the different member companies. Each of these in fact has been set up to provide Barchemicals Group customers with a comprehensive and specialised service.

Corporate governance

The Barchemicals group can boast a high decision-making and operational efficiency agility thanks to a management strategy in which managers of the company are part of the social structure of the same. This ensures the stability of the group, efficiency, responsiveness and reliability.

It operates in the field of primary water treatment, drinking water and swimming pool, both in Italy and abroad, spanning 360 degrees of each management issues, particularly with regard to the sector disinfection and water treatment, disinfection and sanitizing, dosing and automation control systems.

Our values

1. Customer focus:

  • Our products and services have to meet the needs of our customers
  • We listen to their advice to improve our offering and meet their needs
  • We aim to create a lasting bond with our customers, based on trust, reliability and cooperation
  • We support customers with an efficient, quick and professional service

2. Excellence in quality of products and services:

  • We always work with high quality standards
  • We constantly improve our offer and reliability of our products thanks to our quality system ISO 9001
  • We offer our customers technical solutions and high-value-added patent

3. Focus on innovation and evolution:

  • Our office Research & Development allows us to stay ahead ahead of its time in offering products and technologies
  • We take in serious consideration the ideas of our employees
  • Our presence for more than 30 years in the industry is the basis of our research and our development

4. We believe in the team:

  • Our successes are the result of collaboration between our staff, our customers and our suppliers
  • We are aware that our strength lies in our human resources
  • We promote personal and professional development of those who work with us

5. Promoting the Made in Italy in the world:

  • We believe in style, in estrus and in the revolutionary ideas of the Italian spirit and we promote it in the world

6. We believe in the internationalization:

  • We believe in the global market without bias towards innovations and technologies of other countries

Our Brands

Barchemicals operates in the water treatment and swimming-pool sector.

Engineering Corporation is a leading manufacturer of water treatment plants and control and dosing systems.

Barchemicals Biopharma was set up to cater to the need to protect people’s health.
By exploiting the chemical-pharmaceutical skills of its staff members, it operates in the field of product research and development, and systems and methods able to ensure the balancing and bio-safety of drinking water, domestic hot water and recreational waters. It also promotes in-house and customer personnel training.

B&B Service was the last company to be set up, but this does not mean it is the least important. It represents the new corporate philosophy inasmuch as operative and strategic marketing, personnel training and customer satisfaction monitoring will be central to our Customer approach over the next decade.

RPI, Ricerca Progetti Impianti, operates mainly in the field of technical and sales assistance, placing at the disposal of group companies and its Customers reliable and top-quality services, as well as an extraordinary sales network.

ALPHA AQUA operates in the field of swimming-pool water treatment, disinfection and filtering technologies and systems. It markets the brands.

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